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Light Language ,Manifestation Coach , Ascension Coach , Energy Alchemist,  Nyirjara


Spiritual Scientist, Light language Channeller, Tarot Healer  & Energy Alchemist 

My practice is aimed at helping people from all walks of life tap into their inner potential and connect with the universal energies that surround us. I have a deep understanding of the human energy field and its relationship to overall health and well-being. With my guidance, clients can learn to navigate their aura and chakras, allowing for a clearer understanding of their personal energy patterns. Through meditation, breathwork, and other techniques, my clients learn the tools they need to maintain their energetic health and achieve a higher state of consciousness.I have mastered many modalities and am an expert in the healing arts and spirituality. With over 25 years of experience, I guided and helped countless people find peace, balance, and happiness in their lives. My life purpose is  dedicated to helping each and every one of our clients achieve the same level of success.

“Awaken Your Potential”

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