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Unlock Your Money Manifestation:

Shed old financial patterns and embrace abundance with our transformative healing session. It's time to rewrite your wealth story!"


Channelled by Nyirjara Aura ,
Founder & CEO at ORRALIGHT

Meet Nyirjara Aura, a revered Spiritual Scientist and Energy Alchemist who has dedicated the last two decades to empowering individuals on all levels - mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Through a diverse range of courses, programs, and coaching services, Nyirjara has been instrumental in guiding countless souls towards self-discovery and transformation. With expertise in tarot, numerology, and a profound understanding of energy dynamics, Nyirjara facilitates profound shifts in consciousness, allowing her clients to tap into their innate potential and lead fulfilling lives. Her compassionate approach and deep insights have earned her recognition as a beacon of light in the spiritual community, inspiring others to embrace their journey of growth and evolution. Join Nyirjara Aura on a transformative path towards holistic well-being and spiritual awakening.

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How this New Moon will be effective for you

Join us on the auspicious New Moon of April 8th, 2024, for a transformative healing session aimed at elevating your financial prosperity. This session is meticulously crafted to upgrade the wealth codes embedded within your DNA, liberate you from ancestral karmic imprints related to wealth, and guide you through a ritual to invoke abundance into your life.

01 Activation of Dormant Wealth Codes within Your DNA:

During the New Moon Light Healing session, participants undergo a profound activation of the latent wealth codes embedded within their DNA. These wealth codes represent the potential for abundance and prosperity that exists within each individual but may remain dormant due to various factors such as past traumas, limiting beliefs, or ancestral patterns. Through energy work, guided meditation, and intention setting, the session facilitates the awakening and activation of these dormant codes, allowing participants to tap into their innate capacity to attract wealth and abundance.

02  Liberation from Inherited Karmic Patterns Blocking Your Financial Success:

Many individuals carry inherited karmic patterns related to finances and wealth from their ancestors. These karmic imprints can act as subconscious barriers, hindering one's ability to achieve financial success and abundance in the present lifetime. The New Moon Light Healing session provides a sacred space for participants to release and transmute these inherited patterns, freeing themselves from the cycle of lack and limitation. Through energy clearing techniques, participants are guided to identify and release these karmic blocks, allowing for a profound transformation and opening the pathway to greater financial prosperity.

03  Alignment with the Potent Energies of the New Moon for Enhanced Manifestation:

The New Moon is a potent time for new beginnings, fresh starts, and planting seeds of intention. It represents a blank canvas upon which we can imprint our desires and intentions for the future. By participating in the New Moon Light Healing session, individuals align themselves with the celestial energies of the New Moon, harnessing its power to amplify their manifestation efforts. The session serves as a catalyst for aligning with the natural rhythms of the universe, allowing participants to synchronize their intentions with the cosmic flow of abundance. This alignment enhances the potency of their manifestations and accelerates the manifestation process, bringing their desires into fruition more swiftly and effortlessly.

NEW MOON Transits and its effect on Zodiacs


With the New Moon in your sign, embrace bold financial ventures. Crystal suggestion: Carnelian.

create 3D aries  zodiac sign on light purple background .jpg
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Cultivate clear communication for financial success. Crystal suggestion: Citrine.

create 3D gemini   zodiac sign on earth red  background .jpg
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Tap into your innate resourcefulness for financial stability. Crystal suggestion: Green Aventurine.

create 3D taurus   zodiac sign on saffron background .jpg
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Nurture your financial goals with emotional intelligence. Crystal suggestion: Moonstone.

create 3D cancer  zodiac sign on  teal green background .jpg
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Embrace your creativity to attract wealth and prosperity. Crystal suggestion: Pyrite.

create 3D leo  zodiac sign on royal purple  background .jpg
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Seek balance in your financial endeavors. Crystal suggestion: Rose Quartz.

create 3D libra  zodiac sign o saffron  background .jpg
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Focus on practical strategies for financial growth. Crystal suggestion: Clear Quartz.

create 3D virgo zodiac sign on earth orangish background .jpg
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Transform your relationship with money through introspection. Crystal suggestion: Black Tourmaline.

create 3D scorpio   zodiac sign on olive  green background .jpg
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Expand your financial horizons through exploration and learning. Crystal suggestion: Amethyst.

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create 3D sagittarius zodiac sign on violet background .jpg


Embrace innovative approaches to wealth creation. Crystal suggestion: Aquamarine.

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create 3D aquarius zodiac sign on tomato red background .jpg


Build solid foundations for long-term financial success. Crystal suggestion: Garnet.

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create 3d capricon zodiac sign on orange background.jpg


Trust your intuition to guide you towards financial abundance. Crystal suggestion: Labradorite.

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create 3D pisces  zodiac sign on green background .jpg

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